One of the most important musical instruments in Sabah is the gong. It is featured in many cultural festivities and traditional ceremonies of major ethnic groups in the state including the Kadazan, Dusun, Rungus and Bajau. It has a set of gong to be play along side with other instrument. It depend on the ethnic, vilage and purpose it being play for. The gongs are either made from brass or zinc.


'Gendang' is also one of the traditional instruments in Sabah where it is used as accompaniment with other traditional instruments such as Kulintangan. In addition to using it for perform at public or official events, there are also some communities who use it during medical treatment for sick people. 'Gendang' are usually made by material such as cow or buffalo skon, tree trunks, retaining wood.


Kulintangan is a traditional musical instrument of many ethnic in state of Sabah which combines the rhythm of music with the gong drum.  This musical instrument is known for Kadazan Dusun, Murut, Bisaya, Bajau and sulut ethnic who played during ceremony. This instrument made of copper and some of bamboo. 


Sundatang is one of the famous traditional musical instruments with two strings attached to Sundatang's body. This sundatang is made of a medium-sized, soft wooden stick that is easy to carve and also durable. Usually for these Sundatang makers they will choose wood such as jack fruit wood, mangoes wood and so on. The selection of good and suitable wood is very important for a Sundatang maker.
The carving on every inch of this Sundatang body is the identity of a race. The carving carved on Sundatang's body is one of the uniqueness, a sign that carries meaning to the race, and also as a mere decoration. Each race has its own musical instrument, and the way it is played. This musical instrument is played as entertainment, as a tool to accompany the dance, and used as decoration.