"Kuda Pasu" dance is a traditional dance that has been passed down through the ages and still practiced today. This dance is originally from Bajau ethnic from Kota Belud Sabah. "Kuda Pasu" dance symbolize ridding a horse movement, Originally "Kuda Pasu" dance is for wedding ceremony and use to welcome the groom. Now it can be perform at any event or ceremony. The movement of this dance is  related to martial art move becouse apart from horse movement there is "Silat" too. Music of this dance called "Tigad-Tigad". It is a main bit of song that play by some musical instrument like "gong", "kulintangan", "gendang" and "babamdil". For the costume, yellow is the color of ancient dancers clothing that symbolizes the nobility. But for now, green and red are being added at dancer clothing for look attacting.

Video of Kuda Pasu Dance