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At this website you will find about Sabahan dance ethnic and some information of culture art and heritage in Sabah.

What is Hominodun?

"Hominodun" is a Sabahan folk tale about a girl being sacrificed. This happened when in ancient times it was said that there was a famine in which crops were not growing and yielding. Then one day Huminodun father "Kinoingan" dreaming of someone telling him that in order to survive he had to sacrifice his daughter. After Huminodun know about it she is willing her self to being sacrificed and after she being sacrificed the whole all the plants return to their fertility and produce abundant crops until they are no longer starving because of the ample crop resources. It is a well-known story in Sabah community. Because of that a celebration and event made by Sabah people to commemorate the service of a sacrifice of Huminodun that called "Tadau Kaamatan" for the celebration and "Unduk Ngadau"for the event.

Unduk Ngadau

Unduk Ngadau is an event for local beauty pageant that being held to commemorate the spirit of Huminodun. The beauty pageant will be selected by beauty of the heart, mind and soul. To find that the contestant will go through a few test. The title Unduk Ngadau comes from the ethnic word Rungus language "Runduk Tadau". Runduk means "to communicate" and Tadau means "the sun" 

List of Unduk Ngadau Winner 2019-1960